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LifeOn is part of paxykop Pte ltd (Singapore), group of qualified medical professionals and experienced technology professionals working together for the betterment of society by technology and research oriented module in ancillary healthcare to improve the lifestyle. With 06 offices across Asia and largest network on healthcare provider, medical practionier and pharmacies we are trying to organise $28 billion market.

Healthcare industry across the globe is complex, expensive and fragmented at larger extent. Due to constant changes and introduction of new facility people receive medical care from various of medical care providers at different geographical location. Due to this a patient medical records are mostly scattered among various healthcare providers and locations, and there is lack of method to get to these medical records in easier way. Due to these concern our research team at Lifeon came up with an innovative product in this domain called as Health Smart Card. since this card is portable, easy to carry , and exchanging on medical records on patient consent and a valid source to gather patient medical history in order to provide quality treatment to patient .Our smart card can store vital information such as identity details , previous surgery , operations , any regular drug prescription , previous Test report , and recent medical history /activity .This card is one of its own type of revolutionary product in healthcare industry .

Features of Health Smart Card

  • 1. Identify the cardholder
  • 2. Store information describing the cardholder’s health records and insurance status
  • 3. Identify the cardholder’s primary care physician (Family Physician)
  • 4. Store data describing health activity, previous reports and any type of health condition needed to be consider during specific operation/surgery.

Benefits of using Health Smart Card

Eligibility and coverage can be updated automatically and virtually, eliminating the administrative headache of updating employees’ booklets each month.physicians can have access to a patient’s entire health summary, the paperwork required for health record and lab result requests can be eliminated.Electronic prescriptions can be stored directly on the card, eliminating paper transactions and the potential errors associated with them, as well as the potential for fraudulent Needed information stored on the smart card can be accessed directly, reducing or eliminating provider service calls, wait times, and postage and processing costs. Paper-intensive health insurance claims systems can be streamlined, eliminating paper and expediting the processing and reimbursement of claims to the insured Cardholders can extend the validity or report the loss of cards themselves, using (for example) self- service terminals located throughout a community’s healthcare organizations. Lost cards can be reissued by the payer and mailed to the users.If a cardholder wishes to change primary care physicians, the new physician can make the change on the card, which can automatically update the cardholder’s record and notify the former primary care physician of the change.

Personal Healthcare System (PHS)

Lifeon Offers Online Personal Healthcare System (PHS) for its patient which Personal Health Records (PHRS) that allow patients to store, retrieve, and monitor their health parameter on regular basis .one can use these metrics to build on the basis of these PHR with consolidated data such as immunization reminders, medication alerts, blood checkup scheduled etc. It can help customers to manage their health and also track changes in much simpler way.

Personal Healthcare Records and Reports : The PHR is the one stop repository of individual centralized health data and accessible to him/her anytime anywhere .Users can store and manage all their health condition details if there is need of keeping any special case in consideration .Since all the data is stored in cloud and accessible to user by login id , same can be access through mobile , Tablet and Desktop .This PHR gives individual a consolidated report and filtered report on the basis of health condition .

Personalized Health Care Tools and Application: On the basis of one’s health condition, patients can use various application such a Tracking, monitoring, diet, medicine doze reminders and other customized features to maintain healthy lifestyle. Patients can also manage and modify their treatment calendar and various alert to be in sync with appointment dates..

Appointment and Activity Management: This allow patients to manage their appointments with hospital and concern therapist as well as other health related notification and alerts. patient also get option to get reminder via SMS if he/she opted for it.



Lifeon is one of the leading domain expert when it comes to medical devices. we have built independent team who looks after procurement and device quality check in order to maintain quality assurance to business partner along with maintain higher effective industry protocols. We have strong supplier base across multiple countries and selected supplier after validation on various parameters.


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