Paxykop is one of the fastest growing company with multiple brands in ancillary healthcare, travel planning, ecommerce, pharmaceuticals marketplace, technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital currency.

Level 39, Marina Bay Financial center, 10 marina Boulevard Singapore 018983.
+65 68185792

Paxykop is one of the fastest growing company with multiple brands in ancillary healthcare, travel planning, ecommerce, pharmaceuticals marketplace, and technology category. Since the beginning our goal has been to organize different categories like medical records with innovation in medical emergency and healthcare, simplify travel planning and offer technology and inventory support for travel establishments, corporate travel, family and individual travelers, ecommerce with marketplace model for consumer products and pharmaceuticals in both B2C and B2B segments across the world with ease by our AI augmented platform and customer service. Paxykop also helps enterprises with web, mobile and software solutions dealing with worldwide clients, Headquartered in Singapore and offices across world we aim to organize and simplify ancillary healthcare, travel planning, corporate travel, ecommerce, technology and enterprise solutions.


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Dr Arul Rhaj S

President (paxykop global)


Founder and former chairman – commonwealth health professional alliance (United Kingdom)

Gold medalist in MD (medicine) with expertise in cardiology & Intensive care.

42+ years of experience in medical and healthcare.

Former President – Indian Medical Association (INDIA)

Former Vice president for association of physicians of India and Honorary National professor of medicine.

Yeo Jiann Chang

Director Marketing  (Asia Pacific)


Bachelors in commerce ( marketing) Singapore

Masters with University of technology, Australia

20+ years of experience in global sales and marketing.

Served in some of the top management companies like ASA- Microfits pte ltd (singapore), Precise connector tooling pte Ltd (singapore)

Peak resources Singapore Pte Ltd (singapore), sunindustrial coating Pte ltd (Europe,Singapore)

Sanjay Gandhi

Director operation – Paxykop Global

Masters in Management from IIM (India)

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT ( New Delhi)

30+ years of diversified Experience in distribution and supply chain management, technology enabled transformation, business strategy.

Served in management for DHL and FedEX to work on transformation with partners including Dell, Intel, Toshiba.

International projects include airport / distribution facilities in South Pacfic

Francis Tan

VP Marketing (Asia Pacific)

Masters in Marketing (Singapore)

25+ experience in marketing research, strategy and planning.

Early investor and advisor in multiple startup’s and established companies.

Diverse experience in different markets includes asia pacific, south pacific, Europe and south America.

Global Projects includes heading the marketing division acros china, Philippines and Indonesia.


Co- founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication (India)

Masters in Management with specialization in business strategy and Development.

25+ Experience of global experience in strategizing, planning and implementation.

Served in a management responsible for project implementation in GBC-USA, Mactel, BenQ, Haier.

Head of research conducted across 12+ countries for PHR, EMR and EHR and its application.