Paxykop is one of the fastest growing company with multiple brands in ancillary healthcare, travel planning, ecommerce, pharmaceuticals marketplace, technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital currency.

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Hong Kong and China fintech firms show there is more to blockchain

By deploying blockchain in their back offices, several companies are aiming to disrupt the traditional role of banks

Research and development

Our services and products are developed based on dedicated research and trends.

Innovation and transformation

We believe Innovation makes the products more affordable and accessible to much larger market.

technology and design

Our designs are driven by user experience and top notch Technology makes the difference

customer service and support

We know the our user and partners have made us proud and we try our best offer assistance and support

Prescription medicine online store

IntelXbrain is an online store with home delivery on prescription and over the counter medicines across India along with other medical devices. We aim to simplify the home delivery process of medicines and supporting services like lab tests, and consulting.


Decentralized digital currency

An decentralized innovative peer to peer digital currency on bloackchain with borderless payments, fraud protection, untraceable peer-to-peer payments. Ooxiee is simplest way to exchange money at a defined minimum cost.


Global b2b marketplace

Our global marketplace offers platform for over 2000 sellers and over 10000+ products, with a power of technology and Infrastructure along with 500+ partners across asia we just make the right platform for consumer to seller and merchant to merchant.


IT services, development & consulting

Equihat is specialized in IT services and infrastructure, development of web and mobile applications with ERP solution with modules like service management, financial accounting, purchase management, inventory management and custom requirement like travel portals, ecommerce platforms, digital currencies.


Travel as service & corporate travel solution

The future of travel planning tool with augmented artificial intelligence partnering the major airlines, taxi, bus operator and accommodation partners across the globe with concierge, travel enterprise and corporate travel solutions.


Ancillary healthcare brand

Lifeon the brand operating in healthcare industry across asia with products like global health card, innovative medical device, Personal and clinc management software; some of the services include comprehensive healthcare, document transcription and management. We are working to make healthcare affordable and accessible.


Blockchains are secure

Blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have not yet been hacked. They are considered to be very secure.